Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We are working on a cher ette "deterkraft" in digital fabrication studio.
The materila is thin veneer sheets without any other material glue, nail etc...just VENEER.....

1. Group kraft
2.Thin Veneer Kraft
3. Body Space
4. Luminious Transmission
5.200 USD except the Veneer
6.Free Stand
7. Ornamentation X Function
8. MS----> Design Intelligence
The material properties of veneer is very delicate due to its thickness we were given to work so the problem is how it reacts on tension and compression. we just looked a number of alternatives to achieve strong unit by joining, weaving, embracing, ingterlocking, twisitng, soaking, drying..... All sorts of gymnastics to get strong unit which could be used for further design of body space. Prof. Kevin and Steve ( Came from Los Angeles to guide the three day Cher ette) suggested more storng joints and its potential use on space or element design.
  • Strength in bending with grain
  • Excessive Redundancy
  • Perpendicular planes
  • Linear twist parallel to grains.

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