Friday, June 20, 2008

Fresh! LFA 2008 kicked off

Fresh! With this theme the One month long London festival of architecture 2008 has kicked off today.While surfing the ifa 2008 website ( for more information ,one spectacular structure constantly drew my attention.I found the signature structure named fresh flower designed by architect Tonkin Liu and commissioned by Corus and lfa 2008 very interesting. Color and the fluid shape of stalk holding eleven arched petals of fabric entirely made of tube and sheet metal is really innovative.
Image: Fresh Flower by Architect Tonkin Liu © Tonkin Liu

This mobile structure is believed to provide focal point for discussion and debate activities in different five festival venue of London. The Corus construction gives the detail of design and spatial planning like this;

"Tonkin Liu’s ‘Fresh Flower’ comprises 11 petals that rise off the ground, arching around a central stalk to create a space within which a movable stage rotates. Visitors enter the pavilion via gaps between the petals, which can be reconfigured between Festival ‘Hubs’ to provide a different emphasis and focus depending on the event, location or weather. LED lights rising from the stalk will illuminate the pavilion. It will be constructed entirely from Corus products including tube and sheet steel. When erected the floor area of the structure will cover 97 square meter, with the petals ranging from 2.7 to 4.3 metres high."

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archi said...

Yeah dee its really innovative!!I wish I could attend this festival and feel the invironment under the petal by myself.